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About the Incubator

Triyo created the Incubator for new Small to Medium Enterprises and Not for Profits as a way to help establish their business.

We help you craft your idea to the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) stage.

We can help you take your idea and comprehensively grasp the potential of your startup. We break the idea down to the core of what will potentially be a scalable, commercially viable organisation and provide you with an effective and efficient strategy.

We have a strict process where we determine whether your business proposition is viable, meets our ethical and sustainability criteria, and that you are enthusiastic enough to carry it through.

At this stage in the program we cannot offer any money, but we can help you apply for grants and other forms of initial income.

We are accepting applications for 2030.

The closing date is 31 December 2029.

Who are we looking for?

Rise to the top.

Entrepreneur: We believe the best solutions to a problem are often entrepreneurial, so we focus on early stage enterprises that exist to improve peoples lives, the environment, the arts, or are food related.

Local: You’re a local to Victoria who intimately understands the problems that you are trying to solve. You are able to travel to Inner Melbourne for regular meetings with us.

Early Stage: You may have have a great new idea or have already launched a venture within the past 12 months, or run a pilot and have some early traction or proof of concept. You will typically have less than 10 customers or clients and have been in operation less than a year.

Individuals and organisations that “do good” in the community.

If you believe your organisation will improve the lives of people around you, we encourage you to apply.

We like to call you a ‘local leader’. Someone who has solutions to problems at a community level, but can scale up to potentially take on the world.

Rather than imposing our perceived solutions on your community, we support these local leaders who live therein the problem and have developed their own solutions. This means our role is to simply help refine and scale your solution.

The program


Our five-day intensive entrepreneurship program is designed to increase your chances of success in the enterprise. We will provide training, and mentorship during this initial stage.


Following the accelerator phase, we provide your venture with three months of tailored business support, and mentorship opportunities. At the end of the support phase, we won’t abandon you, but will continue to provide you with support over the phone, via the web, or over the occasional cup of coffee.


We will continue to monitor your performance for 12 months advising you on grants, tenders, and other programs to get your enterprise on a sure footing for the future.